about me

30 years to realize a dream

freelance graphic designer, document specialist,
movie critic + opinion giver… on a journey.

Many years, many careers.

Seller of all things from diamonds to dog food. DTP generalist in the days of clipart and Letraset.  Producer of BD proposals to win RFPs. Corporate marketing specialist focused on clean, concise collateral.

Someone who sweats the small stuff.  Because even the small stuff matters.

But what of my true passion?

Always had a love of smart, effective design. Snappy text, clever concepts or images – or just a great tag-line. I cut magazine ads. Saved cool Annual Reports. Kept innovative packaging.

But just loving it all wasn’t enough.

Passion finds focus.

It all came together in Langara‚Äôs Publishing (Print/Web) Program. Learned oodles of software programs. Produced every aspect of award-winning Pacific Rim Magazine. Learned how to print it + then how to recreate it for the webUnder the guidance of professional instructors + the influence of much-younger classmates + their fresh eyes on design, brightidiaz design was born.

    Now a reality + open for business.